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We use only recognized standard methodology and we hold to the principles for Good Laboratory Practice.

Kaizen’s main Labs are in Calgary and Edmonton and have depots in
Brooks, Red Deer, Drayton Valley, Whitecourt, Lloydminster, Fort
McMurray, Grande Prairie and Fort St. John. KaizenLAB has a staff of 40
in Canada and has Environmental Laboratories in Trinidad and Guyana. 

As Albertans, we understand the relationship our province has with the oil and gas industry. It has supported many businesses in the world of natural resources. Like all industries, oil and gas has been impacted by the ebbs and flows of an ever-changing economy, giving businesses appreciation for the phrase “timing is everything.”

A Company built on alberta pride

The Beginning of KaizenLAB

On the rebound from the challenges brought by the 1980s, the 1990s was focused on enticing new blood into the marketplace. The oil and gas industry was ready for new opportunities.

This momentum captured the drive of two ambitious industry professionals: Doug de Freitas and Paul Kelly. In 1993, KaizenLAB started its operations in Calgary, Alberta as Kaizen Environmental. This company was born in the humble beginnings of de Freitas’ basement in the home he shared with his wife and two small children.

The environmental movement had developed speed in the late 1980s and was now seeing growing political support; de Freitas and Kelly had a plan to build a company on the needs created through government regulations.

In those early days, Doug de Freitas and Paul Kelly could be found driving around Alberta in a modest utility van with Kaizen’s name proudly displayed on both sides. In this mobile office, the pair stored their samples, wrote their reports, and made their business deals.

As time progressed, Kaizen continued to grow and found itself in need of a more permanent home. In 1996, the company moved into its first office. This office would become home to Kaizen for the next twenty-five years. During this time, the company faced both victories and challenges that tested the team’s ability to endure and adapt.

Like all small Albertan businesses, our history was peppered with many milestones of change: the partnership evolved, and Doug de Freitas became the sole leader of the company; an expansion into analytical services was formed with the guidance of Dr. Koshy Malayil; the company expanded its reach by planting roots in its second location in Edmonton, Alberta; and so much more.

1993-2021 Growth, Partnerships & The Next 25 Years

2021-Present: Moving Forward​

Today, KaizenLAB is approaching three decades in operation and has a team of over fifty people. Our history has given us the ability to learn from our mistakes, take calculated risks, and be a devoted member of the Alberta business community.

We’re dedicated to stay true to our origins and believe that the path to success will always be achieved by the following the definition of KAIZEN: continuous improvement and solution-based service. Every company has different needs, so our team asks the right questions to provide the right answers.

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